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Sacre bleu! JM is back!


Sad to say, I've been gone longer than JM, but just this afternoon instantly thought of him as my possible "French connection" as I scoured the Internet for a CD that for all practical purposes, looks to be available only in France.

I will keep looking, but if I give up, I may just see if Ten:Ten can stretch its big, loving arms across the ocean to convince JM to help me with a bit of shopping.

The CD in question: "Book of Lies" by Jack the Ripper


amazon.fr sells it: http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000E5OBDS/403-9726849-4250830
price minister: http://www.priceminister.com/offer/buy/1131047/Jack-The-Ripper-The-Book-Of-Lies-CD-Album.html


i guess this shop deliver in US if not i can buy it for you then rip it and send you the mp3

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