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Ah ha! It's everywhere, this eating non-breakfasty things in the mornings.


Aah, fish tacos!!


I don't have pictures, but if I notice the time when it is 10:10, I think of you, Jo. Like when I was teaching my third graders how to tell time and I asked them, what time is it right now? We all looked at the clock and it was 10:10.

This last week I was giving STAR tests (gagging and dying of boredom) and it was a timed test. I had to write down in my booklet what time we started the test and what time it was supposed to finish, and finally, what time we really did stop. Every once in a while we get to stop a minute or two early, if everyone is finished. So I stop the test, look up at the clock and notice that it is...10:10, which I diligently write down in the test booklet. While I do, I wonder if the test people know about the website? Yah, probably not.


yo, jo! you remember the magic word that let's me in yet? since all is going so much better and all...:)


Oh shit! Yes. But it will have to wait until this afternoon. Take your picture and then I'll send the super secret password.


i just came back. so tomorrow i will take a picture. geez! the pressure! a solitary existence here, and you've already seen my feet....


okay. i forgot again. i will take the cameraphone to pour cafes au laits this morning, though, and hope to remember...something...what?


okay, well, folks, never mind. we tried. typepad won't let me on because apparently every permutation of e known to brains is already used up for them. so i will just continue to lurk.

just wanted y'all to know that jo didn't leave me out in the cold, it was the system. ain't it always?

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