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Ah, but the joy of being able to say, "look at how much art I have to hang." Lucky you!


What the fuck do we do with all those National Geographics? Piles of them in our bathroom. I feel guilty about recycling them, as if I should donate these to the schools for collages. Except they have piles of them in their classrooms.

I ask again, what the fuck do we do with all those National Geographics?


Ha! Every thrift store I've ever visited has one huge, dusty pile/bookshelf of Nat'l Geographics. Does anyone ever look through them again? "Look! It's the Bora Bora arthropod issue, August 1972! Score!"

I occasionally take our issues to church to be resold at the bookstore. What they do with the unsold ones, I don't ask and they don't tell.


hey, guys (she asked shyly) can i play on 10:10?


e! It's e! Give 'er a secret decoder ring, Jo!


yay, thanks, pam. jo's a little busy these days, so i'm prepared to wait :) (i've been reading along for months, you see.)


I have to remember how to invite. Er. Sorry. Can't sort it out. Soon!


not a speck of hurry. i'm not going anywhere:)

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