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this am i put my handcreme, which keeps my autumnal hands from bleeding all over the periodical stacks, right by the ipod so i wouldn't forget it. so I don't have my ipod with me today, it's sitting right by the hand creme, and life in the library is DRUDGERY. i listen to novels on it though. when it's not at home with the creme. do you notice your pod slides right out of its leather holder and flops on the floor a lot? mine does. it can't be good.


i need a good audio book to listen to on this ipod-o-mine. got any suggestions?

mine fits snuggley in its leather container. probably since i forget it next to things like hand creme so often it doesnt have much chance to try to escape.


i got lots from audible.com , what do you like? audible is a really good bet, I can send you an introductory offer they're always on at me about, if you like. Anyway, what kinda stuff do you like? I really like the James Lee Burke New Orleans mysteries, but then that's me.


I am now obsessed with The Bees... thanks to you! it's as bad as my obsession with the epoxies...


be sure to try on puffy amiyumi for size...

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