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Totally fabu!


Shit! I was going to the market today and then said naaahhh. It would have been utterly sweet and lovely to see Winged Nakedjen amid the artichokes.


They must be wings - they look like they are hovering next to the ceiling!


Oh dearest Grace. I wish you had come. It was quite the spectacle. Especially for the kids. Silver glitter boots. Pink tutu. Purple fishnets. Screaming pink supergirl t-shirt. Wings. And bright yellow marketing basket.

My favorite moments were the squeals of delight from the very small children who grabbed their mothers and swore that they had just seen a REAL LIVE FAIRY.

Kids know. I'm going to do it again next Wednesday, weather providing.


Ah, the Winged Naked Jen! What a sight that would have been. Wish I could have seen it as well.

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