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Awww, man, sucky!


Any idea of sending that nice new resume out into the world?


hello ten-ten,
i am nine-nine!
but who know eleven-eleven?


The French! The French! mon dieu!


Hoping bigger and better things come your way Receptionista.

Also, how freaking cool is it that there is a 9:09 site! I have a 9.09 story, not about time, but about money. Can I tell it here? Good.

See this one time, Devo and I were out at a Chinese To-Go place picking up some food. When the cashier recited the total I was talking to Devo so I had to ask the cashier to repeat the total. She looked at me with much exasperation and screamed, I'm not kidding, screamed, NINE OH NINE in a very Yoko Ono type voice. I was scared sh*tless and fumbled and bumbled as I was pulling money out of my purse because what I really wanted to do was run away. So now, whenever I see any version of 909 I have to scream it out loud in my best Yoko Ono voice. It's part of my therapy.

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