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May 07, 2009



I am reminded of that Shel Silverstein story, "Ladies First." Is Phyllis a real little lady, by any chance?


Ha! I googled it and it's indeed a great poem. Phyllis' mom did admit that she was being overprotective, so I can't blame her too much. It's just her personal fear, I suppose.


Marlo Thomas reading that story is *burned into my brain* from the Free to Be You and Me album! I didn't know it was by Silverstein.

"*I* am a tender sweet young thing!"
"Oh, far out!"


Hee! Badger, me too! It's particularly on my mind these days as my kid is playing the T.S.Y.T. in her class's production. (My femmy child had her choice of parts & picked that one...)


Poor girl!
What a crazy mother she has.




Well, if you lived in Colorado Springs....last year I was a houseguest at a home on Cheyenne Mountain (think ubersuburb) and a neighbor's cat got out their door. Their little boy went out to get it just in time to see a mountain lion go up a tree with it. (!)

We just don't have stuff like that back East.


Ooh..."LA-DIES first, LA-DIES first!" I had the album AND the book and listened to it all the time. (And saw the TV movie, of course.)

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