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December 18, 2006



Ah... we hope the massive amounts of demerol will just make you sleep for 3 days!

and don't even think about sneezing for the next couple of weeks. Ow!

It's really good that you have doctors who will call and talk to each other - it's so rare but so necessary. A good sign!


It's great that the docs are going to talk and get the procedures all worked out beforehand. In the meantime if you think of anything else jot it down on your question list so you'll have it handy and not have to scramble to remember things when you're frazzled.

I find it very encouraging that his opinion of the cysts tends to mirror your own at this time so that's a great plus.

Badger's right about sneezing though so shift that cold before the op.

I know I'm harping on a little now but when you hand in your printout make sure you put on it anything that might add to your comfort or feeling of security after the op, even the little things count. When my partner was in hospital for a year we made sure she had a favourite blanket and other items just to have that link to home when she woke up after the series of ops she had.

Anyway good luck Jo, I have fingers and toes crossed for you.

Melissa P.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Jo!


Wait. I have a question here.... are you going to attempt to persuade anyone to save a cyst in a jar for you?

Just think, whenever anyone's naughty you can threaten to show them THE JAR.

Kind of like me and that placenta in the freezer.

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