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December 15, 2006



So glad you called your dad---I'd certainly want to know, even if it's early on, if it were one of my kids, and I bet you would, too!


yeah, resist that urge not to call, i'd forgotten about that. the reasons were quite right, but it was not good, that urge not to call. call. call call. everybody, everywhere.

it's like not realizing about the weight loss and stomache aches and then sayhing duh! we don't remember how to do these things. until we have to, that is.

yay, manny. next to nothing, right on top of nothing, let's not go where we have no business going until pushed and shoved there kicking and screaming, and that's not where we are right now. although that's impossible, i know, believe me, but it's a goal, huh?


Ditto that, the more support you have now the better no matter what the news.

Maybe your earlier plans & thoughts were that desperate fight or flight survival instinct because at the time you saw no other escape route. Things are very different now, you have options and all the reasons in the world to want to live.

Melissa P.

We are right here with you, Jo.
Maybe not in perosn, but in spirit and love.
I hope your phone call comes soon and with GOOD news for you.


yeah, looks like we're all here all the time, doesn't it. we're the little people in your computer, so you can just check i when you want, i'll bet there's be several of us resident today at most any time....


Heidi, You have to turn up the volume. The soup this week (ceam of carrot) was a bit too thin, so I recommend adding a little sour cream at your end. It's fun to watch the white swirling into the orange, kind of like a pumpkin cappucino. Guests have all gone and there are still three pieces of banana bread.

Jo, I think your theory of stress makes sense. Do remember to breathe from now on, even if you have to think about nothing else sometimes. If you exhale longer and longer you may surprise yourself with how much time you can take to empty your lungs.


I hear it, Savtadotty, I hear it! The white swirling into the orange reminds me of a creamscicle.

Well, while we all wait around for good news, let's turn to a little humor:

Our supermarket had a sale on boneless chicken breasts, and a woman I know intended to stock up. At the store, however, she was disappointed to find only a few skimpy prepackaged portions of the poultry, so she complained to the butcher. "Don't worry, lady," he said. "I'll pack some more trays and have them ready for you by the time you finish shopping."

Several aisles later, my friend heard the butcher's voice boom over the public-address system: "Will the lady who wanted bigger breasts please meet me at the back of the store."


ROTFLOL @ Heidi.


movie recommendations! that would be good. anybody got any? i just reupped my netflix,which had been closed for a year or so, since i now have three weeks off, and i never watch movies; what is the army watching these days? anything quirky and wonderful out there?


e---the best show on tv--all seasons of "The Wire" currently available. I'm not sure if the most recent season is yet available.

a sweet Italian movie "Caterina in the City"

the original "Great Expectations" from c.1949

the new version of Battlestar Ballactica, starting with the mini-series, through season 1,2, and 2.5

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