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December 07, 2006



I am Ikea-less in my part of the world, forced to live vicariously through other people's accounts. You could make up some pretty goofy stuff about it, and who would I be to say you were wrong? That's how Ikea-less I am.


Heidi, at Ikea, they sell apartment-sized closets that fold up into the size of a suitcase! They're called origami closets! And the shopping carts dispense beer!


All the salespeople know how to clog dance! And the rivers run chocolate!


How many Xmas carols ARE there about shopping? Must ... not ... blog this ...


isn't one here. never been to one. it doesn't sound very appetizing, though...but then i haven't been in an actual store that wasn't walgreen's on the corner in recent memory at least.


I don't think there's an Ikea in any of the places I have lived. But I know that New Zealand does not have Ikea. I have never been in a store. I once saw one from that monorail, or trainy thing in Vancouver, but that's it!



Ikea is the Valhalla for shoppers. Once a shopper dies, they go there to relive over and over all of their greatest shopping battles and victories.


Clog-dancing salespeople selling origami closets? (Clapping hands wildly!)

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