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December 15, 2006



Here's hoping you're right, crossed fingers for you today Jo.



I don't have a read blog, and I don't know you, but I am thinking of you today. Please be ok!



read=real btw. I need internal editing software.



Good morning Jo! Seeing good news winging its way to you. And say, how do I sign up for a soup delivery from Savtadotty? I couldn't hear the whooshing sound in my speakers.

And I'm emailing you something fun.


Dearest Jo, here's hoping it is the big cyst fest.

And menopause? Tain't so bad, take it from me.

Big hug.


me, too, tain't nuthin' much. i'm thinking your own diagnosis is correct, too, and glad you came to it. i wasn't aware you read my blog, actually, but i put a long thing on there a few days back about reconnecting with my old art school family (in the long run, as you say, the only thing that counts) and what a joy that has been. i don't really have much of a chance to post there (and it seems i'd rather babble on yours :) but now that school's out for three (3!) weeks, maybe that will remedy itself. again and always: hang in there, jo!


borderline cysts--where did I hear that word "borderline" before (:>))


yeah, you know, those borders, they can be impassable at times, wide and freeflowing, just can't get over, y'know. (make it so.)

jersey girl

eat chocolate all day. stick your head in the sand -- probably not possible, right? shop. watch movies. draw. draw and draw some more. drink a frappucino. feel my hug from nj.


Bipolar is a serious diagnosis. Be sure to get the right treatment, which can take time and support. I was diagnosed last year and stress is a huge trigger for the illness. My prayers are with you.


Thanks Marianne, I have really good doctors and a course of treatment that's working well.

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