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December 14, 2006



Your bright and shiny 'Monkey Army is here for you, Jo.


Oh no. This isn't right. No one ever needs this, but I can't believe the timing for you. I don't know what to say. Fuck. I'm angry and sad and in shock.


Well shit. This year continues to be an absolute hell for you, unfuckingbelievable.


Good god, Jo. It's not right.


might be. might be. breathe. might be. (might not be.) "Or possibly they'll only know after the surgery ..." breathe.

but anyway, not fair at all, no matter what.


On call 24-7. In all sincerity. And with love.


crap. grrr. i'm so sorry.


JO, I am so very sorry. I send my love and pray it is not what they think it is. I will be thinking of you.

Melissa P.

My heart goes out to you.
Hang on and let's pray it is all cysts and nothing more.
I know you must be terrified
for yourself and your family.
I am here for you, whenever you need someone.
Sending loving thoughts your way~


no no no no no no no

I'm not accepting this information very well.

Aw, fuck me. I'm an asshole. But, I'm a selfish asshole. I don't want anything else to happen to you. So, I just keep saying:

no no no no no no no

Love you big time, girl.


Oh crap...

I fired up my aggregator for thee first time since my third (and last) surgery this year, and learn your latest news... and sometimes people ask me why I don't believe in God, or any higher being.

Jo, I'm so sorry to learn this - you, your family, and those who love you, have been through enough.

I don't know what I can do, from across the miles, except to say, this sucks, you are in my thoughts, and I believe that if anybody can beat this, *you* can.

Love, love and more love to you and yours.


I'm sending soup...it's that wooooshing sound coming out of your speakers. And banana bread, which doesn't make any sound until you crunch away at it. And good wishes, in great quantities.


hmmm. koan fires up her aggregator for the first time in months at the precise time her presence is needed in the roll call, and this reinforces her disbelief in god. hmmm:)

(hee hee hee, keiths said fuck. hee :)

come on army, snap to, hup, hup! up! mindful up, marching on with our leader.

calpal/jersey girl

i am just fucking pissed. fuck, shit, damn and triple fuck is what i say because i am so grown up. my thoughts and heart are with you in the biggest fucking way possible. Did i say fuck yet. or double fuck. love, hugs, and more love. I'm sorry. And i'll shut up now.


(personally, was gonna post one uncontexted sentence on another site that consisted of "crap crap crap crap crap." but then i figured it's the thought that counts...)


I'm continuing to send good thoughts your way. Keep us posted. Words are so inadequate.

Captain Blog

So so so sorry.
I will be sending good thoughts to you and your family.
so so so sorry.

ps this is another reason why the holidays suck


All I can come up with is a cliche:

When it rains it pours. :(

Love you, Jo.

Mary Tsao

Shit. I'm sorry, Jo. I'm hoping for the best.


Universe! Fucking.... no fair on top of no fair.

I am going to kick the universe's ASS.


Well, look at the bright side...


Goddamn it.

Anything i can do. kids, bring food, do yer shopping, whatever dude.


THANK YOU SO MUCH I have to yell to thank all of you. It is so appreciated, the good wishes


Oh Jo,
I'm so very sorry to hear this latest AGGGGGGH S#*#*#*#*# in your life. You have walked such a hard road this year. Sending thoughts for hope and healing--and lots of love. In the words of Jules the minister, "Remember you are not alone."


I'm so sorry. What a raw fucking deal.

I will be thinking about you and your family. And I will be sending out the best healing energy I can. And, like the Quakers say, I will hold you in the light.


Thank you all, so much. really.

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