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September 26, 2006



Sweet and gentle passage, Doris. I'm lighting a candle for you.


oh jo! i am so sorry for your loss.


Oh, Jo, I'm so sorry. This photo is a beautiful memory. My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope your in-town Spanglemonkey army gives you what you need to help you through this tender time. I know they're very good at that and you deserve it.

Ms. Jane

I'll be there as soon as I can babe!


my love comes to you on wings now and forever, dear friend.


Sorry that she's really gone, glad that she's been released, here for you at a moment's notice.

I was driving around this morning listening to a CD made for a friend your mom's age who also left too soon. Her favorite songs were "Scotch & Soda" by The Kingston Trio, and "I Spent My Last Ten Dollars on Birth Control & Beer" by Two Nice Girls. Thought of your mom and you the whole time.


Oh Jo. I am thinking of you



Oh, my dear. My thoughts are with you.


I'm sending you all my quiet and peaceful and loving thoughts. And hope. Always hope.


Perfectly titled, a gorgeous photo, and I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother.

Busy Mom

I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my mother to cancer, also, two months ago. Please know you are not alone.

Mary Tsao

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo of your mother. I'm sorry about her passing, Jo.


Love to you, Jo. I'm sad for your loss.


Everyone, please know how much your comments mean to me. Busy Mom, I'm sorry for your loss, too, I know how much it hurts.

Thank you. It's important to me, all this company on the road.


peace and love to you.

Carol Elaine

Jo, please accept my deepest sympathies.


Thank you, thank you all, so much.


Much love to you,Jo. I am so sorry. I love my Mom the beginning of the year. You are not alone if you need a friend to talk to who gets it. Sending you peace, love and friendship.


Much love heading up to Deadwood City and off to Colorado for the rest of your family. May Doris's memory live forever unwithered!


I'm so very sorry for your loss.


Godspeed, and sweet kindnesses for all of you.


Wonderful photo. Peace, love, and sympathy.

Koan Bremner

Think of this, Jo - by writing about her all these months, in anticipation of her passing, you have ensured that she *will* live on, not just in your own memory, but in the thoughts of those who care about you, but never had the chance to meet her.

Know that I am thinking of you, you wonderful heart on legs, you.

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