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September 26, 2006



"One of the stranger things today was the persistent feeling I had looking at people in their daily lives, as I thought, over and over, what? You can mow your lawn on this day, on September 26, the day of Mothers Dying? People out walking their dogs, driving cars, eating and reading the paper, all of them ignorant of the import of this day, this day my mother ceased to be of this earth, how? How!"

I remember feeling that way when my Mom died. I drove down the street looking at people driving or walking along, going in and out of stores, doing regular old everyday stuff, and I thought "Look at all these people just going on as though nothing had happened. Won't they feel silly when they find out that the world has ended and they didn't even notice!"

My thoughts are with you.


Melissa P.

Perhaps you are looking for closure? You have had awhile to grieve for your mom and to say good bye.
But, you also have had to watch her suffer and be in pain. No one deserves that.
I hope you can find some peace in her passing. That she will no longer be in pain and suffering any more.
Though I am sure you will miss her terribly.
I am so so sorry for all the suffering your family has gone through.
My prayers and thoughts are
with you, Jo.


Friday seems just right. When I saw "a week from Friday," I thought NO and was greatly relieved it's this one coming up. I"m so glad you'll soon be with the rest of your family. You can go sooner, too, if you feel the need.


Thank you, melissa and swobbie. and Selena, yeah, how could it be in a week? It's time, right now.

Ms. Jane

Oh man, I'm SO glad it's this Friday Jo. I know how strongly you feel about it. Let me know what I can do to help.


I'm so sorry about your Mom. Blessings to you and your family at this very sad time. There's something to be said for the Jewish tradition of getting the body in the ground within 24 hours, then a week of shiva. Structured rituals are very helpful in the aftermath. It helps you keep focused and directed in your grief at the same time. Avoids all the running around and trying to live half in the real world and half in the world of death and grief.


Wow, that's got to be so true.

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