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February 05, 2006



Is this the homework assignment I must have completed before I show up, or will we collaborate on it when we're there?
And this thing about having an opinion - does that mean I can only bring one???


Yes. You are only allowed ONE (1) opinion, so make it a good one.

debra roby

Wow.. although I lived in the same house as my parents for 23 years... I couldn't even imagine working on #1. Any blogging about my mother will be an uncomfortable condition.

As for my dad (#2), would the time I actually gave him a shiner count?


oh clearly debra you have much to blog.


#3 cracks me up. I'm in a champagne-induced high right now, but let me think about this and get back to you.


Is that blogging about my mother when she was 18 or about me when I was 18?

Do I have to sneak up on my father in order to beat him up?

Can I bring my (1) one opinion and it's attendant wardrobe and accessories?

Again I feel way over my head.


Wardrobe will be supplied for any and all opinions, except those involving firearms and/or republicans.


Mary Tsao RULES AGAIN with the champagne high!

The Mary We Love:


Goldang, we're going to have a great camp!

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