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February 05, 2006



"It's some combination of truly sad, but also the explanatory clarity is a huge relief.

I wish I could speak to them frankly. Perhaps I'll be sort of like the pioneer of innovation by being medicated?"

The explanatory clarity, I went through that with my initial diagnosis. Things started falling into place and I could hear the tumblers clicking into place as I started unlocking parts of myself.

I'm the only one on medication in my family. The ones that need it seem to think it's a situational thing and it will all blow over or that talking to their Episcopal priest will alleviate everything and make it better ... NOT!

Hang in there Jo (So cliche), it does get better and you will start to figure out what's important for you to worry about and what isn't. The isn't part goes directly into the WTFC (who the f*** cares) category.


I am actually hiding at the moment .. and it seems to have worked even though I did it myself amateurishly. Someone wrote something which might easily trigger people I know to find me by accident.


yes where are you Iris. i miss your site. can't you just delete the offending comment instead of the whole blog?

v. sad without you.


It's at stormsiri.blogspot.com...disguised!

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