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December 31, 2005



Oooh! Margaritas! Jealous I am. All I had was a few energy drinks to keep me awake. Oh, but I will make up for it I'm sure in a few days. Happy New Year, Jo. Be Well and Happy.


Wishing you all that you wish for, and more. (More good things, that is.)


(delurking...) Happy New Year! May you get all you are wishing for!

Koan Bremner

"Happiness and deep joy" - working on that... "Satisfaction and peace" - already there... "Good sex" - jeepers, in the context of what I've got lined up for this year, who knows *what* from "good sex" might take... "and even better self-image" - can't argue with that one!

It's been a privilege to read along with your life for the last few months, Jo - the good times, as well as the bad. In many ways, you're the kind of blogger I'd like to become, when I get some of my soapbox stuff out of the way.

Have a great New Year, Jo. Cheers, Koan


Happy New Year, JO!!!
I wish you peace and love.


HAP-py New Year, O Dearest Jo!


This is so great! Aren't we wonderful! Love you all! Mwah!


A day late, but what everyone else said. I have been hiding, from what or whom or ... I'm not sure. But in the spirit of the season, the best to everyone especially our own Jo Spanglemonkey.

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