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December 31, 2005


Ms. Jane

Were you with us that time when we were at the hot tub place that had the tubs on the roof and we were soaking as we watched all this debris flying overhead? I think we were sophmores in high school then.


I remember those tubs. I met my first Unitarian there. Naked youth group meetings. For some reason I took an immediate liking to their brand of religion.

Tubbing when it snowed out -- heavenly.


I worked there!


Naked Unitarian hot tub meetings? Hmmm. I've been thinking of trying something new this year. Tell me more.

Ms. Jane

Dude, I'm totally not in that Unitarian cult! ::ducking & running::


Now it may be that UU's, like so much of this sad, rightward-lurching country, have gotten more conservative, but in my dated, Boulder/1980s experience it went like this:

a) find Unitarian or several
b) suggest discussing deep philosophical and/or spiritual issues in a rooftop hottub under the stars
c) take off clothes
d) discuss issues of spirituality, politics, etc.
e) repeat

Lovely people, all of them.

I know, I know, my brushstrokes are broad. Your results may vary. But I'd hope not.


It's a hoarded secret that UU Inner Sanctum Meetings always take place in the nude. Now that the secret's out, you all have to be... reprogrammed...

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