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August 03, 2005



Bzzzzzzzzzz! Buzz buzz buzzz! Have some honey, here. *vomits* I got it over here.... *waggles butt*

You rock ! very well said about "exemption" and feminist consciousness, privilege, and motherhood!!!


I'm not currently trying to clean up my act, so can _I_ call Ambra "the names that immediately spring to mind"?


I really liked that post. I read Grace's post and then wandered over to Ambra's blog. I found myself disgusted with her and pondering why she feels she can criticize someone, especially another woman as she herself is a black woman. I wanted to post something but couldn't get out what I wanted to say. I didn't just want to call her a bitch, as I would in turn look like the bitch. I thought about it for sure. I don't possess the best vocabulary in the world and often find it hard to get out what I want to say. So I sent the link to my roommate who is excellent at using smart words. He just rolled his eyes and got pissed at her not feeling she was worth his energy. Thank you for writing this post. Very smart. I truly admire your feminist analysis and views. I'm gonna have to say you truly inspire me! It's true.
Impossible Jane.

liza sabater

What I was thinking about Ambra was that she thinks she is exempt.


I am writing about this tonight and that's EXACTLY RIGHT. It's what I call the Condi effect.


I'm NOT writing about Nykola but have commented about her and am just too tired to do anything else. Except. Comment. Again.

Nice, nice post. Not just about Nykola but about all of us.

Ms. Jane

It was interesting in the car ride to Gracie's when Eliz asked about transgendered people. I hope I explained it well. What I liked about the main thrust of her question wasn't about gender identity, but the actual physical process of becoming...

You're raising my children beautifully.

fifth amendment

"I thought I was exempt from the effects of it, because I was aware of it."

Yes, this is a perfect description of just about every academic I have known, too, only in the opposite of the way you meant it, I think, Jo. Not only does one feel impervious to harm oneself because of ones "intellect", one also runs the real danger of becoming what one supposedly hates because one is so obviously exempt from such things precisely because of ones knowledge. No need to examine MY life, MY actions, after all, I'm the one who's telling YOU, that's what I DO, etc.etc. And so it's the most "progressive" who become the most abusive, out of a sense of both impossibility and entitlement. "We're liberal and progressive and feminist here; why didn't you make my coffee yet?" or the one I heard just yesterday for the umpeenth time: "I didn't get PhD to make my own copies!"


I've been to Koan's blog, and to Ambra's, and I've read of the statements on several other blogs - I think in the end, you're right. Ambra is just too young to know any better, or to know any different. She hasn't lived long enough and had enough human interaction to find the place in herself where you become accepting of others, where you recognize that the labels that you place on things don't always apply when they're viewed with someone else's eyes. I've got 13 years on her, so I have a vague idea of what I'm talking about - it's only been in the last few years that I've been aware of consciously allowing others around me to be themselves, to be individuals and just LEAVE IT ALONE when we don't see exactly eye-to-eye. We all have our dramas, and our disadvantages, and our hardships that we get through and move on from and allow to shape the people we grow up to be. It's my sense that Ambra is just halfway there. She seems bright, so I'm sure that when she does grow up, she'll find that that there is room for more than one point of view, and the world is such a better place for those having those differing opinions. Just my $.02


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