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July 31, 2005



Sounds like it was fabulous. Thanks for all the liveblogging; it really was like being there, but from the comfort of my own home and without all that pesky meeting of other people.

Hey-- isn't today your BIRTHDAY??

Happy Day!


I always thought that the stigma mommybloggers have is totally ridiculous. Why are they seen the way they are? Why is it such a big deal that they are blogging mommies? Let them blog! We all have a voice, no? Granted, if it's like all Kathy Lee Gifford-ish ALL of the time it gets to be tiresome. But when it comes time for me to pop one out, you better be sure I will talk about my experiences.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Aw crap! I totally forgot. Happy Birfday!


Thanks guys! It helps to have friends keeping me company as we hurtle toward the abyss!


Don't worry, the weather is fine down here in the abyss.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday to you! To you. Yes You.

Melissa Gira

I'm so sad I missed mommyblogging after having met everyone at the Obscentiy birds of a feather. having some of the same thoughts, on stigma, "bodyblogging," and service and intimacy that faces both mommybloggers & sexbloggers... great common ground to discover with you all there!


Happy Birthday!

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