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July 30, 2005



This is TOTALLY FASCINATING. *This* is what made me wish I were going.


Mr. "Women need to Shut the Fuck Up" is here in my Blogging 101 session. I am sitting in the back of the room trying to figure out how to shoot a poison blow dart into the back of his head.


Max von Sydow must be tranquilized!


It's interesting, now I'm thinking about how that man would get word of what I said about him and etc, which was precisely his point, that we shouldn't say things we regret in any way. But I'm so used to just talking blah blah blah. Hmm.


Would you believe he came up to me at cocktail hour and APOLOGIZED "for being so pompous" earlier?? He looked sincere. He walked away and Mr. X and I were all, "Pompous ass."


ha... I don't think anyone should pull their punches on this dude!

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