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July 30, 2005



Good link. It's like I was there, listening along.


Donna totally rocked the house. And she's so modest, while crediting her PTA meeting minutes taking for her awesome reporting, she did not mention that she wrote and produced radio programs whice are really the basis of her skills to get to the essence.

Donna is also a great travel writer. I kept telling her that over and over again until she wanted to punch me. I didn't worry; I could have taken that girlfriend down.


With your pedicured feet, you could scratch! Besides, you'd totally have the element of surprise.


There you go! Sizing each other up. Are you sure this was Blogher? Starting to sound a bit Bloghim-ish!


Put a few drinks in us, and we all like to wrestle without bras, with our white t-shirts on. OH d'oh! I wasn't supposed to tell!


Just like guys!

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