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May 20, 2005



Oh, Lord, loamy poo...I'll never be a parent. I just know it.


I just saw Star Wars III, reaffirming my faith that memes walk in the shadow of the dark side.


Don't be a wuss! Just do it!


Cripes, you sound like a pushy Yoda.


A pushy Yoda, I am! Wuss, you may be!


But, still, there's no loamy poo in any of the Star Wars movies.

Yoda never threatens Luke with the dark side of the poo.

Though, I did get a big kick out of Yoda in the last movie--about the only ten seconds of enjoyment I got from that lousy movie--again, it was like a frog in a blender with a flashlight. That just made me laugh.

But I've never been able to fear Emporer Palpatine, not since the third movie when he was totally exploded in the new Death Star, after a bunch of blathering about all the crap he had forseen, but, somehow, again, he failed to forsee himself totally exploding on the new Death Star, even though the old Death Star likewise totally exploded.

So, it wasn't even like you needed the force to forsee the Death Star exploding. All you needed was a union card and a friend who got exploded while working on that crazy exhaust hole.

Again, if the Emperor couldn't see that coming, well, what an idiot! What good is the dark forseeing?

It's like living on the Florida Keys and not forseeing hurricanes. What a dark putz.

Sorry about the Star Wars rant. It doesn't have much to do with the poo.

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