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March 15, 2005



mines pigtail briads. with lots of hideous sparkley girl accessories. and bees. bees that i bought at michaels.


Bees! For spring! I am inspired! I will recreate a field in bloom on my head, complete with insects and pollen!


BINGO on the Brahms/Dave/Carlos connection. I bow down to you, Generallisima.

(Can I do that? Feminize Generallisimo? Would we WANT to do that?)


You can simply address me with any form of the words "Elegant" and "Flower."


Oh good, someone else caught the Brahms connection. My employees had no idea what I was talking about when I was ranting, "Jesus! Can't anyone write anything original anymore? Now the mushmouthed little twit has to sing to a Brahms tune and not give it credit?! AAAAAAARGH!" But then how many of us who know our classical also listen to pop schlock? Only those of us with uncultured staff.


Billy Joel's "This Night" is a Beethoven sonata.


Yes, my staff is quite uncultured.

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