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January 06, 2005



I am in desperate need of an award. I know I qualify for the "I Eat Dinner" Award, at the very least. Since you have a garage full, there may be one or two others I qualify for.


I nominate her (since she's my wife, and I'm in a position to know) for the "Look! I Can Stick My Finger In Your Ear!" award. Either that or "Best Blog Covered in Insects."


I am awardless. This awardless state makes me sad. I don't know which award might fit my humble blog, but I submit to you my request for any you see fit to bestow upon me. Perhaps the "Blog Owner of the Most Prentiously Phrased Comments for Other Blogs" (or BOotMPPCfOB for short)? I know that it has been long sought after by those who enjoy the use of the stilted phrase and that I have little hope of such an honor, but I submit myself to you, nonetheless.

Though I'd also understand if the "Get Outta Here, Kid, Yer Botherin' Me" Award was more my speed.


Carol! We have awards for everyone here! I have to think. Hmm.


Congratulations to Beth for winning the Spanglemonkey Best Smoothly Waxed Suburban Phone Sex Blog of the New Millenium! With Ten Essential Vitamins and Minerals.


Carol, your award! The envelope! *rip*

Spanglemonkey Best Rolling Complete Sentences to Hear in Your Head With a David Niven Accent Award!


I-- You--


Wow. What a truly wonderful award. I thank you for this, Jo. I will place it on my blog mantlepiece (because I don't have a real one) and I will treasure it always.

Or at least until I have to sell it on eBay for cat food money.


Me too! I want one!


Ah Lulu! Yours is a very special award.

Most Fascinating Three-Panel Mundane but Not Boring Life Blog of 2004!


I would like to thank The Academy for bestowing this absolutely fabulous honor on my blog.

GraceDavis told me there were gift bags. While that's too generous, really, the award is quite enough.


Most Gratuitous Use Of The Phrase 'Holy Frejoles'.


As much as I love it, the Ricky Award just doesn't seem fair to me.

Sure, sure, I love the competition as much as anybody--and, by that, I mean I love crushing the competition.

And, who could complain about the chicks, the good tables, the endorsements--the free fucking sneakers, bitch!--that come with the Ricky Award?

But, proud and happy as I am, I just can't shake this nagging feeling that, well, being Ricky, I sort of have an advantage over everyone else when it comes to competing for being Ricky.

And, worse than that, I have this awful existential dread of the day when I don't win the Ricky award for just being Ricky.

I mean, really, what happens then?


Ricky, you sound so sure you'll win the 'For Just Being Ricky' Award. What do you know that we don't know? Hey! Are these awards RIGGED?


I Love you girls


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