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January 06, 2005



Jennifer! Of course you must have an award. I tried to comment on your site but the comments are closed and it won't let me.

Let's see. Redd Turtle Blog. Winner of the Best Blog Suggesting Books to Read and Tidbits to Ponder, of the Latter End of 2004! Now with Research!


Wait...what research didn't I do. I knew you were a Soft-Hearted Optimistic Liberal. But I got here by way of "I Am Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare", who's like...my friendly connection to the dark side of the ideological rainbow (where all the colors are stangely...off...somehow) and I figure that if she likes a site, it's definitely worth my peeking in, too! 'Sides, I don't have to agree with you to like you, or that's how I see life. :)

So, that being said, I want to exchange my award for a new one, please!


An award? For all of us? Come visit me, too! What about your award?


Okay! I'll try. Let's see. *rummaging around*

Oh, here's one! The votes are in.

The Spanglemonkey Seriously, There's Hope For You if You're Grace's Friend Award, 2004!


And Ellen, of course. You get two awards! Two! What bounty, what largess!

Not only are you the recipient of the

I Live in Florida (?!) Award 2004,

but also (drumroll please)

Best Persistent Use of Reptiles Blog, 2004!


As for my award, humm. Let's see.

Winner of the 2004 Spanglemonkey It's All About LOVE, People! Award!

Might seem a bit onanistic to win my own award, but hey! We're not worried about bias, are we? ARE WE? These awards are NOT, I repeat, NOT fixed. They were counted in Ohio!


I'd like to thank my agent and the crew - the best crew in Blogistan!!! - for making this all possible. This award, which confirms my ficticious link to the Daily Show, will come in handy when I'm sued for copywright infringement and looking to shift the blame. Thank you Spanglemonkey Academy! Thank you!


Am I too late to say Come On Over? Uhhhh...come on over? Happy 2005 to the lovely Jo, who I visit every day but to whom I don't comment nearly as often as I should? Not that I'm trying to bribe you or anything but would you like a piece of pie?

If so...ah, well, that'll learn me.

The Butcher

Dearest Spanglemonkey,

I hereby invite you to my blog to bestow upon me the award of your choice.

And did I mention how sexy you look today? :)

-The Butcher


*SOB* I -- I'm so honored - I'm all choked up! I want to thank my agent, and God, and Satan!

Oh, and your mom. I never could have done it without her sweet, sweet, redhot love.


Oh my God! The Butcher won! The Spanglemonkey Most Incredible Pandering Meatblog of 2004!

And Bakerina. Hmm. Let's see. You won! Yay! Congratulations on your Spanglemonkey 2004 We All Wish We Lived With You Award!

Trish Wilson

I was nominated for a Koufax Award too, but I doubt I'll win. Got nominated last year twice and came in as a finalist in the Best Expert category. I guess I'll have to be happy being a bridesmaid.

I should win the Spanglemonkey Award For Worst Psycho-Loon Commenters. I'd win it hands down over anyone else.


It's YOURS Trish Wilson! Hooray for you! Congratulations!


Thank-you, thank-you! I *blush* am the proud recipient of my TWO awards. If I could only get rid of Jeb I might be proud of Florida!!

Trish Wilson

That was quick, Jo! Thanks so much. You must know about my commenters. Sometimes my blog comments section gets to be like The Worst of the World Wrestling Federation!


I'd like an award! It's so difficult having to remain so anonymous. Awards are like comfort blankets.


And you asked for it! You are the winner of the "2004 Spanglemonkey Wow, This Site Is Well-Written and Interesting and I'm Adding It To My Blogroll Now Award!" You can pick up your icon any time!


Me? Gosh ... thanks!!

Moi ;)

OOOH I need an award!!!

Best Rants!!!! Pretty Pleease???


Am I too late to apply? I've been out throwing Seattle snowballs!


Dear Moi:)! Congratulations! You have won a cherished award. The voting was heavy, but the people's will was done. You win!

the 2004 Spanglemonkey I Rant Sometimes and Other Times I Don't, But I Always Do It Competently and In An Interesting Manner Award! Yay!

Moi ;)

Oh, thank you! Thank you! I am so honored.....now I must come up with a speech rant......


Bonnie! Winner of the coveted 2004 Spanglemonkey I Care for A Lot Of Children and I Have a Cello, and I'm Not Afraid to Use It Award! Congratulations!


I am moved to tears and shall presently perform something poignant and appreciative on the cello for you--Arioso from Cantata #156 by J.S.Bach. Thanks, Jo!!


(Brought here by way of Elisabeth)

Any thoughts for award my own little corner of the blogosphere might garner? The "Why'd You Name Your Blog After a Carbohydrate When Everyone's Telling You You Need the South Beach Diet?" award? I bet Spanglemonkey can come up with something better than that... ;)

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