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January 06, 2005



I have a special award for you! At first I was going to give you a Ricky Award (check out Bottle of Blog on the left)But upon further contemplation, it has been decided: You are the recipient of the Spanglemonkey "He's Absolutely Right (In His Leftness) Award, 2004."


Hooray! I won! Thank you, Jo! Now going to congratulate Squoogy's Kimberly on her very fine award, and introduce myself.


Woohoo! Thou ruleth.

Um, can this be adjusted to "She's Absolutely Right (In Her Leftness) Award, 2004"?

Have I mention you rule? This is waaay better than a Koufax.
(greedily looking to 2005!)


Woops! Sorry ae! Of course it may be changed. No wait, you have to become a man! A man, do you hear me!


Thanks, Jo! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Not only am I not a man (though I have very short hair, does that count?) but I'm going to have to apologize for being so girly. I'm not terribly techie -- how do I get that nifty, monkeylicious icon to splash across my front page?

Hope your back feels better, but, in the meantime, enjoy the loopiness. And thanks again! We're honored!

Comfortably Numb

I have a rediculously funny adult humor funny fun site that I just started this month. If you give me an award, I'll give you a link, and a positive review. Your blog rocks!
I have become....
....comfortably numb.

Comfortably Numb

I guess I should tell you where to find it, DUH!


I applaud your attempt at spreading humor in the world, which has far too little of it. However! I cannot give you the coveted endorsement, for several reasons. First! It did not exist in 2004! Come back for the 2005 awards. Second! I want more original content! And third! It's sort of sexist. Sorry. Unless you want your award to reflect all these things, I'm afraid not. If you do, then you can have the coveted Spanglemonkey Retro-2004 Time Machine Circulating Email Joke Generator Site with What I Hope Is Leftist Liberal Earnestness Leanings, and If Not, Has a Lot to Answer For Award.


How about the "I Don't Know How To Spell Ridiculous" Ridiculousness Award?


Ms. Jane

Oooh, snap!


I wanna put myself in the running for a 2005 award. Puhleaze? How much begging and bribing... errr ... uhm ... if you need me, I'll be over there.


I think I have just the award for you, but you'll have to wait!

And y'know, we're all about creative spelling here at the 'monkey. Now now.

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