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January 06, 2005



I am the perennial favorite for:

Spanglemonkey's Best Crack Addled Mommy Blog

And a likely runner up for:

Spanglemonkey's Da Best Shizz Ass Dissin' n' Shit Mama Blog, Yo


Hee. How does one invite you over for an award? Feel free to come up with one for me, I'm feeling brain dead right now :)


Awards? You mean I could win a trophy just by blogging? Holy smokes! I better clear off the mantel.


Here's the award I gave you, Jennifer.

Chaos Theory! Voted Spanglemonkey's Best Site From Which to Steal Links Shamelessly in 2004! Woo!

Or! Chaos Theory! Best Blog Title Based on Ian Malcolm's Dialogue in Jurassic Park, in 2004!

Keith, I have to think about yours. Hmm. A few spring readily to mind.

Word Shadows! Best Farmyard Blog of the Latter Part of 2004!



Dr Laura's Worst Nightmare: Recipient of the Spanglemonkey Thorn in Dr. Laura's Side Award in 2004!


I shall throw my pinky toe into the award ring. I bought it at a flea market!


Oooh! The pot thickens! To a ring the size of your pinky toe covered with fleas!


Ooh, ooh, me too, me too! Please make up an award for me and I'll reward you with PIE!!!


Okay Chuck! I've read the last few of your entries and I'm ready to award you... the Best L.A. Blogger Offering Liberal Pie-Blogging to the Populace Award 2004!

Yay Chuck! go go go!


Okay, I'm actually a finalist in one of those darn BoB things but I am second to last in the running (19 votes! and only a few of them are from me. Most are probably from my mom.), so there's no chance I'll be getting an award from them.

And yours sound so cool! Would it be greedy for me to have one too? Or should I wait until BoB voting is over and I've been definitively ground into the dirt by cooler, queerer blogs in my category?

lex icon

I've never received an award for anything I've ever written. Sigh. But I'm holding out for a Nobel in literature once I complete my training.


Elizabeth bought her pinky toe at the fleamarket? And Jo put it in a pot? No awards for me thanks.


But didn't you win the spanglemonkey oscar pool, lex? Now THAT's an honor.


Too late, Donna. Your award!

Best Dot-Filled Liberal Scum Blog of 2004!


give me an award. although i've made the cut at Wampum, it's doubtful i'll advance!


I can definitely use the Vaunted Spanglemonkey Endorsement. Goodness knows a fella can't have enough bling on his mantle!


I would be the best blogger who doesn't have a clue what she's doing most of the time??


Roxanne! Best Things You Wanted to Know Blog!

Jimmie! Winner of the Inexplicably Didn't Do His Research and Wants a Freedom-Hating Soft-Hearted Optimistic Evil Liberal Medal Blog Award (coooome to the dark side, Jimmie... we think, we make sense, we're not crazy...it's the grownup, less selfish thing to do... oh insidious we are!)

Margaret! Winner of the Thinks She's Clueless But Is Actually Far More Competent and Interesting Than She Imagines Blog Award!

And elswhere. Hmm. I love your blog. How to salute it. Best Nuclear Family Without a Y Chromosome Among Them in the Seattle Area But So Much More Besides Blog, 2004!


Elisabeth! Who can forget your award!

Best Semi-Celibate Navy Blogger Award!


So - I'm certainly not worthy of any blog award other than one I make up myself - and I don't feel worthy enough to even do that....*sigh*...here's the scoop: My blog is very new (design change is the first priority )and has no direction as of yet - here's to hoping 2005 clears that little problem up! I will try not to shamelessly steal ideas but I'm not making any promises......so, to all the literary/political junky/quote-lovin'/promising to read 50 books this year/lesbo bloggers - I'm lurking.....


YAY! I am so honored!


C'mon over - I have my eye on Best Blog with a Daily Show Inspired Title. I hope to start a rumor that I write for the show.


Whoo-hoo! I am so honored. I hope I'm not disqualified because we have a boy cat. Do cats have Y chromosomes?


Well, he's probably fixed, right? All the boys in our house are. We like 'em fat and docile.

Oh my god. Manny's right. Now I'm talking about castrating him. I take it all back!


I'm sad that I haven't been anointed with an award yet........your titles are so clever that I'll perish if I don't get a nod.......of course if I had a blog worth a good gosh darn I might be a little more deserving.

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