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September 25, 2004



Well, first off, Gore would have noticed that Richard Clark's hair was on fire and scheduled a few national security meetings about threats of terrorism. He would have noticed the PDB indicating that Al Qaeda was planning attacks. He would have beefed up security in airports around the country and those 15 or so of the highjackers that were slowed down getting onto airplanes would have been slowed down even more and perhaps stopped from getting onto airplanes saving about 3000 lives and the New York skyline. The economy would have turned around and we would be living in continued blissful relative ignorance of the threat that al Qaeda is to America and the world. Saddam Hussein would still be in power in Iraq. UN inspectors would still be poking around looking for signs of WMD and not finding any. The Iraqi soccer team would lose early and often in the Olympics and come home to be tortured by Uday Hussein. No Afghan women would have run the 100m.

Assuming the added security measures were not enough to prevent the attacks of 9/11, Gore would have likely organized an international coalition to invade Afghanistan. The occupation would have remained in force in Afghanistan until bin Laden was found and captured.

As you suggested, Gore would have noticed that 15 of the hijackers were Saudi and connected the event with oil. There would have been a huge Manhattan Project style effort to wean us from oil and get us onto renewable energy.

We would have parlayed the popularity we enjoyed after 9/11 into international diplomatic power. Attention would have been paid to the Israelis and the Palestinians and both sides would have been shamed into meeting at a conference table and a peace process would have been underway.

He would have convinced the Port Authority of New York to decide on a design for the replacement to the WTC as rapidly as possible and there would be a construction project the pace of which has never been seen. It would have been expensive, perhaps $2 billion, boosting the New York economy.

Security around the country would have been beefed up. We would have spent billions on non-intrusive cargo inspection technology and the techniques of securing the ports would have been revolutionized. The police and fire departments and national guards around the country would have been beefed up through a recruiting campaign that stressed security and emergency response. (Right now the ranks of the National Guard are being decimated because people in the Guard are not willing to spend 18 months overseas at a time, and the Guard is Bush's solution to troop shortages.)

We would not have invaded Iraq saving hundreds of billions of dollars, over a thousand american lives, and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. Saddam would still be in power and his sons would still be alive and wreaking havok on Iraqis.

Taxes would be a little higher, especially for the richest 1% of the population.

And we would all be forced into gay marriages.


I could live with that. 8-)


I like your portrayal of four years under Gore, Barak. Don't forget, 'Would never have come up with the deceptive "tax relief" concept, whereby we borrow heavily from Korea and China to fund a tax break that ensures the president's popularity at home.'

Also, let the record show, I'm on board with the gay marriage thing.

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