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September 24, 2004



Congrats on the accomplishment. Wish I had your motivation!

Have fun with your mom this week, Jo! :-)


Rah! Rah! Rah!

mr mcmuffin

For some reason, I have never asked before, but is this your first novel? Have you published anything else? Do you have a publisher for this book? When will we see it on the shelves? Apart from that, well done! We regular readers know that it's been a hard work for you, although we have benefited from all your attempts to avoid doing that hard work. Like many people, I imagine, I have always had a little fantasy about writing a novel, but can never find the time to do anything about it. I guess if it really was important to me then I would find the time and I would write. By the way, 179 pages seems awful long. Will you be producing an abridged edition? It seems to be the fashion in some American schools that children only have to read the short versions of novels. I was reading about this the other day on someone else's blog. Have you come across this crime against children where you are?

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