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September 21, 2004



I'd read it.
I'm just having leftovers of previously-blogged foods.


I had squash, red pepper and garlic soup. I'm fighting a cold today but I could eat soup everyday year round. Ms. Jane's mom is a total foodie. Back when I worked for her, after we had all arrives in the morning, she would quiz us about our dinners the night before. Where, what, how was it, etc. After that discussion we would move on to what people were going to have for lunch, and what were their dinner plans for that evening. One new hire left for lunch and never returned. Ms. Jane's stepdad remarked it was odd since the new hire had brought a lunch. Two days later, stepdad ate the abandonded lunch. I remember it was a ham sandwich.


Yes! I totally remember that. I used to lie about what i had for lunch since I got so sick of saying, "I had a sandwich. I ate chips."

Ms. Jane

I talk to her almost every day and much of the conversation centers around food.

Kirstoona, my little Virgo! Happy Equinox and birthday!

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