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May 27, 2004


Kingfisher Cove

Tee hee!! Lesbo-pussies! (My bad!)


heh heh


My cats are a real family of 'husband', 'wife' and twin daughters born in some pagan form of wedlock. And they all hate each other and manage to live in separate well-defined territories around the house. I have spent years working on them with therapy and scrupulously even-handed kindness. Do you have any advice? Incestuous lesbianism would be preferable to this. (That might boost your ratings).


They must be united in their humiliation. Humans must approach them when they are sitting in the sun, resplendent and dignified, and flip them over onto their backs, saying things like, "Woochie Coo! Who's my iddle stinky baby?"


Aha! That's how to get people to come to the old blogarooni... I'll put a link, Click Here For Photos of My Blonde Pussy... thanks for the tip!


Almost precious enough to turn a dog lover into a bi-petual. ;-)

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