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April 28, 2004



There was that time when you picked me up in your big blue pickup truck and we decided to go joy riding in a hay field. Why we thought this was a good idea I have no idea. I was miserable with allergies for days afterwards. But hey, riping through that field, yelling yee-ha, was awesome. And the pic-nic afterward was divine.


Oh Lord - remember that crazy summer in Munich when we attended the music conservatory? Bunch of us got just SHIT-FACED, then broke into the school's soundstage. Heimlich got tape rolling. Jo played violin, I played flute ... coupla other guys doing continuo ... and then there was that homeless cross-dresser, remember? Stalking us all that week? He ended up playing harpsichord. Worked up a pretty decent Telemann sonata until the Politzei showed up.

School declined to press charges, on the condition we sign our rights to the recordings over to them. Now whenever we hear our Telemann on Deutsche Grammaphone, it takes us right back. Good times!


For me it's that night when we were live on stage and the new white tiger freaked. I just froze but you were straight on it and had it down with your jewelled whip across its throat.I couldn't believe that you could move that fast in your skin-tight leather suit.


Heh...remember that time we snuck into the rated "R" movie, when we were only 13?


Ah that summer! Arrested many times -- got to know the polizei so well -- What ever happened to that tiger? Seems to me he was in the back of that pickup. And the movie -- ah david, good times -- too bad about your virginity. Mine, well, we all know about that...


we are older and wiser now... do you think we would still have the nerve to touch our eyeballs together?


Well, after all, it is the traditional greeting in Farkpoottistan.


I'm still scarred from that summer we spent in the commune.

You kept telling everyone that Dirk was odd, that you didn't trust him, that it wasn't okay for his room to smell like that as long as he kept the door shut. The rest of us were all so dazed though our druggy group love, and resentful about any clarifying dissonance, that we almost kicked you out.

Exasperated, you led the police to Dirk's mini-fridge, and found it stuffed with human body parts. Do you know if they ever found him?


I'll always be grateful for that time when we were 9 and those horrible kids at the bus stop were making fun of me and saying that I was really a boy who had had a sex change and that no one liked me. You stood up for me! And when Lancy B3rry spit on me and pour cologne over my head, you socked him right in the jaw, made him cry, and knocked out his front teeth. I admired you so!


All truths are not to be told...

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