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March 27, 2004


Kingfisher Cove

You probably mean me!! :o) Sometimes I do go a'snoopin' without leaving a calling card. But comments are fun to receive, so I agree -- I'm with you!


I mean you, and about 90 other people every day :) And I do it too! I was just imagining suddenly what it would be like to hear from everyone.


What day should we choose? I always get a lot of hits on Monday and Thursday, for some reason. Maybe those would be good days. Of course, if everyone is at work, it would be more inconvenient for them to quickly read their dailies. Commenting does slow you down.


No comment. Unless today is that day, then . . . ummm . . . yes? Is that an appropriate answer?


One must comment as one feels one must. Dude.


I think it sounds good!


Comments: I can't comment at work, where I usually check in, but I need to tell you how much I love this place. The inside of your head is a facinating and funny place.


Aw thanks Kirstoona

Debra Galant

Yeah, all those people who drop by without commenting, those freeloaders. What's THAT all about? This should be a MEME, right? I'm not sure what a MEME is, but this sure sounds like one. You rock. I rock, too. Come to my site and tell me so.


Perhaps if someone has the skill, he or she can make a BANNER that says "INTERNATIONAL BLOG COMMENT DAY," and then the date. And everyone can send it around! Wouldn't that just be the cat's pajamas.

Eve P

I think that's a most excellent idea--and here I am commenting.

Eve (Boulder RockS!)

Eve P

I think that's a most excellent idea--and here I am commenting.

Eve (Boulder RockS!)




This should be interesting once all the photoshoppers...errr (can't say that) people with Photoshop talents wake up. It is only noon, you know.


Visited Debra Galant's site this morning and think that you're onto something with this ‘International Blog Comment Day’ thing. I mean, it should be an annual event. This year 40 comments, next year 4000 !!!

Pauly D

I think you have to call it "International Blog Comment or Get Your Ass Kicked, Day." That way, you leave a comment or we send our "thugs" to convince you that you made a bad decision.

IP addresses tell all, folks. My people know where to find you and your 1's and zeros.


I'm with ya, I'm with ya. When do we eat?


Beautiful site

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