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April 23, 2006



Anne Tyler! Oh do I love Anne Tyler. I always feel vaguely guilty about it b/c she seems to be seen as so...yeah, middlebrow and USA-Today approved. But she NAILS families.


Even though I read it years ago, "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" is still my favorite Anne Tyler. Did you read that one, Jo and elsewhere?

I love how she points out that no one has the same family, including siblings, and that particularly means that siblings never have the same parents.


yes! That one's my favorite! In fact I just wrote a post about discovering it because my comment above was getting too long.


books that readers close, etc., of which this is one. readers close their books and realize the truth(s) they contain. unless they all contain the same truth? not. universal truth? ah, the universal v. the particular, there it is again.


But ONE of those books... truths THEY contain? Should be One of those books... truths it contains

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