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February 23, 2006



I've just realized that I have no real grasp of how much humor is appropriate when commenting on the blog of someone who is behind bars or committed or suffering from FTD (Fish Taco Deficiency).

My usual guideline is just to push on until I embarrass myself, which usually ends up being way too much.

Just so you know, I'm beginning to feel a little Stevensonish, but have no idea how to break out that character in light of recent events. Or even if I should. I'm almost afraid to fall back on my usual guidelines.


Fish Tacos are available whenever you want them. Just say the word, and whether your pleasure is Sancho's, or the place by your house.


I presume, Dr. Stevenson, that you have priviledges at this hospital? Do they allow the Very Tiny to see patients here?

And Squid. I am afraid fish tacos need to be fresh out of the hot grease. It is a celebration I must put off until probably Tuesday evening. Or Wednesday. Whenever I have the superstrength.


Fish tacos?

That's a real food?

I don't think they have that here in NC....what the heck are they?


some say they are tacos made of fish, but I'm still holding out for sheer innuendo.


Oooooh dude. Fish tacos are the only pure evidence that there is a god, and she is indeed benevolent. Crispy fried small pieces of fish in cabbage and sauce, on homemade corn tortillas... droool spiiitt


Bunny, where in NC are you? I live in Chapel Hill.

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