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February 04, 2005


Ms. Jane

I don't think that the Conservatives would much groove on the skanky ladies besmirtching the gym floors with their pokey high heeled boots.

If they're offering up children to do simple labor such as gardening, maybe they could also sell the childrens' blood? I, for one, have heard many accounts about the wonders of bathing in the blood of virgins, and would pay top dollar for a few quarts.

Heck, it might even take care of that weird blemish I was talking about this morning.


Well heck, if that's the problem, then surely we could put that fuzzy sticky stuff on the spike heels? You know, that stuff that you put on furniture legs so the floor won't get scratched?

Ms. Jane

Better yet, how about casters! That way we can just kind of roll them to wherever we want them!

Still stuck on the idea of bathing in the blood of virgins though. 'Fess up Jo, you drain your daughters to keep that peaches 'n' cream complexion of yours, don't you?

Ms. Jane

And another thing! The similarly textured rubberlike material isn't textured on my screen. I miss my flames. It gave the site kind of drag racing feel that I think is so hip!

If your done with the flames, can you put them on my site? Along with my Spanglemonkey award?


I moved out of the Bay Area (temporarily it turns out) and landed in a snooty Republican neighborhood in WA. The school situation is the same only worse. One-working-parent "nu-ku-lar" families who show off by outdoing each other with the activities and fundraising. I believe I actually saw on the initial PTA report (they tricked me into attending) that the PTA "donation" to the school is actually greater than the entire state-provided school budget.

The gold filigree around the edge of the lunch tables sets off the crystal and candles quite nicely. I just thought they went a little far when they inlaid the gym floor with "Thank You George W" in rare South American hardwoods from the rainforest.

Fucking selfish sick fucks.

They're currently collecting money for the "buy lunch for a tsunami victim kid" program to send to Thailand. Indonesia and Sri Lanka? Too dark, I fear.



What is it with the flames! Every time I take them off, someone complains! I LIKE "similarly textured rubberlike material." Isn't anyone going to humor me by liking it too?

I'll put the flames back if you need me to. Hmph.


Hey, I'm in WA too, but in an earthy-crunchy liberal neighborhood, and we have the same PTA thing going on at all the schools we've toured. At one school, the PTA funds the art teacher, the reading specialist, lots 'o'supplies, and much of the before & after-school stuff, plus parents volunteer in every classroom. *And* if you want full-day kindergarten you have to *pay the school district* $200 per month.

I said something disingenuous to one of the tour ladies, like, "wow, you guys do a lot," and she said, "Yes, and it's wrong. We shouldn't have to. We're enabling." It was good to hear her say that. It's obvious to me and RW that the difference between a just-scraping-by school and a good school is the parent contribution, in $ and time. It's like all the schools are really private schools. Horrifying. But what to do if you're there, but pitch in and donate daffodil bulbs? While also trying to change the system?


We have some ladies of the early morning hours who do some work around one of the elementary schools not too far from here. Perhaps I should suggest that they donate a portion of their proceeds, instead of being shocked and pissed that they don't drag their asses home before the kids start arriving at school.

You know, I voted yes last time they voted to raise taxes for schools, but no more. I see the PTA busted their ass to earn a few bucks so the kids can go on a field trip, or get some new books for the library, whatever....and then I am doing my cost analysis of the idiotic timewasting meetings where people yell and argue and try desparatly to preserve their own positions of educational power at any expense. Any expense. Emotional, financial. My district is so top-heavy. I will never bake a damned cake for those fuckers again until they fire some people.

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