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January 07, 2005



It's so great. heh heh!


I can't believe I figured out how to post that at my typepad site. I'm not what you'd call technically adept.


It's inspiring! Thanks for my award - it fits perfectly - and I'll wear the pic on my sidebar proudly.


Elisabeth is the very best! She made me my holiday skin and is one of the most wonderful people in the world!


This is most generous of you. I'm so touched. And will display my award proudly, once I decide what to give it to myself for. :)

Ms. Jane

It's so clever and funny! Well done!


Putting it up right now!


I wandered over from elsewhere's -- and stole one. I was going to try to link to you but, oy, I am befuddled.



Jo, have I missed the boat on the 2004 awards? Would you give me one, please? I so want a cool Spanglemonkey button on my blog, but am too shy and humble (heeheeeheee! I make myself laugh) to make up my own award.

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